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Live like a local, even when you're away from home

What makes for a really great furnished rental?


The choices can be overwhelming, which is ...almost great.

With the explosion of the sharing economy and new hotels popping up almost everywhere. There are vacation rentals, corporate housing companies and furnished apartment companies becoming more readily available your choices are almost limitless.


Which choice is right for you?

Every one of these options has a place and if you choose the right one for your situation your time away from home can be much more pleasent.


If your trip is a night or two weeks

You'll either want to choose a hotel or short-term rentals like those available from Airbnb or Homeaway.


What is your personality or style?

If you prefer to slip in and out unnoticed a hotel or extended stay probabily will work best. If you like to learn a little about the city you are visiting or it's people a local stay is probably the best option.


Need to stay for 30 days or longer?

If you land a temporary consultation job for a week or two or you're bathroom is being rebuilt....and you only have one, You can huddle in a hotel room for a while.


If you've got to actually live away from home for a month or year huddling down is no way to live. You need a real home for an extended stay in Cincinnati.


This is when a fully furnished apartment in Cincinnati really makes sense and can bring living back to being away from home.


You want to get settled in and back to normal life as quickly as possible. You don’t have to bring everything with you, we'll do it for you!   Our short-term rentals are ready to go, just unlock the door and get back to living.

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