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What is Corporate Housing  ?

When you need a completely furnished "Home Away From Your Home" and the terms The industry is known by a number of different terms such as:

"Corporate Housing"

"Furnished Apartments"

"Serviced Apartments"

"Temporary Housing"

"Executive Rentals"

"Executive Rentals"

"Corporate Guest House "

sound familiar but you're not sure how they work or you just want more information about how OURS work you will be thrilled that someone has figured the whole thing out and you can relax and go back to planning the other details of your move.

 The housing part of your problem has been solved. Let us tell you all about how it works and answer all your questions.


Corporate housing is a term in the travel industry meaning renting out a furnished apartment, condo, or house on a temporary basis to individuals, military personnel, or corporations as an alternative to a traditional hotel or an extended hotel stay, for terms of 30 days or more.

Most companies prefer to use corporate housing instead of hotels for their relocating employees. It gives a much better impression of the new city than a cramped hotel room and a much better quality of life during the move for the whole family.  Budget concerns are always a priority, but frankly you get a much better value with corporate housing than with a hotel option also.

Who uses Corporate Housing?  While it is true that nearly every one of the fortune 500 companies use furnished apartments for employee relocation, we actually serve All Industries.







   information technology

   financial, the list could go on and on.

The biggest misconception about Corporate Housing is that it is only for companies.

Many of the guests that stay in corporate accommodation are individuals and families that choose the furnished apartment option on their own during a large remodeling project or between homes. Many snow birds find it is a much better option than maintaining two residences throughout the year also. An instant home, ready for living when you walk in the door.


So...It includes everything?

 Corporate housing is fully furnished temporary housing, typically in an apartment setting.  Then we bring in a designer and coordinate furniture, house wares, amenities, install big TV's and cable, electric, water, appliances, pictures and art. We use comfy pillow top and memory foam mattresses and send in our OCD clean team.

 Our team uses high quality Brand New Sheets and Pillows for Every Guest, Every Time! 

 No other Corporate Housing Company, Hotel, Extended Stay, Bed and Breakfast, Furnished Apartment Company or Corporate Guest House in Cincinnati or the World offers this level of clean and does it every time included in our standard service. 

We would be happy to share a complete inventory of one of our Furnished Apartments.

All at one inclusive cost to the individual or company for 30+ days.

Individual or business we are happy to help you find Corproate Housing that will solve your temporary living problem.

Get in touch 

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