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Short Term Rentals in Cincinnati

If you’re looking for a short term apartment in Cincinnati, then you’ve come to the best place! Furnished Apartments Cincinnati offers the most spacious and affordable short term apartments in Cincinnati that completely out due the classic hotels and other rental options available.


In fact, our short term apartments are 3-5 times larger than any comparable hotel room! And Furnished Apartments Cincinnati doesn’t tack on the 17% room tax in a hidden fee at the end of your stay, instead we include all taxes and fees upfront so that there are no nasty surprises when you leave!


But Furnished Apartments Cincinnati doesn’t just provide short term apartments in Cincinnati that are spacious and affordable, we want you to have the best experience possible when you book with us, so we tend to even the smallest details before you arrive. It’s the small touches that make our short term apartments so much better than our competitors.


Here at Furnished Apartments Cincinnati, we take joy in providing a clean and welcoming space to all of our new residents. No matter how long the duration of your stay, we aim to help you feel comfortable and happy!


Furnished Apartments Cincinnati does not merely provide you with the basic amenities, but we go above and beyond to offer you everything from 2 large flat screen tv’s, expanded cable with over 200 channels, parking, and we even provide all new guest brand new sheets and pillows when they book our short term apartments!  Nobody else does that!


If you are looking for anything to do in the greater Cincinnati area, then you can simply ask any of our very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Everyone at Furnished Apartments Cincinnati is a Cincinnati local and proud of it!


So you will gain access to our cumulative knowledge of notable restaurants, events, showcases, sightseeing locations, and more. We often have insight into special discount offers and programs that you can utilize that you would normally not be privy to at any other booking location!


Whatever your reason may be for needing a short term apartment in Cincinnati, you can trust Furnished Apartments Cincinnati to treat you better than anyone else.  We will provide you with everything that you need during your stay and we aim to do so with efficiency.


When you call us, we dutifully match what you need to find the best short term apartment for you!  That means we will carefully assess your needs and comb our databases to procure you with the match that will be sure to bring a smile to your face.


Give Furnished Apartments Cincinnati a call and let us work our magic to set you up with the best short term apartment in Cincinnati for you!


Call us today at 513-706-8127


We have been preparing for your stay for over 8 years,

we are looking forward to your arrival.

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 (513) 706-8127

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