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Serviced Apartments

our extended stay apartments ROCK!

Hyde Park Furnished Apartments Living Room

Being away from your home is uncomfortable, no matter the reason.


The concept of motel and hotel rooms was a welcome option over staying with family or friends. but

Even the nicest hotel is more like "camping-out". they just arent set up for living.



If you are traveling or have to find a place to live for a short time you may not have much of a choice but for stays away from your own home of 30 days or longer you don't have to put up with motel living.


For the price of a decent hotel room you can live in a serviced apartment, condo, highrise, townhouse or corporate guest house suite. Some options can even be had for less than a hotel!

Each of these options has huge advantages over staying in a hotel for an extended time.


More space. The first thing that gets to you when living  in a motel is the confinement. After awhile you just have to get out of there!

(the average hotel room is 325 sq ft, some of Marriott's new rooms are less than 200 sq ft)

Most of our furnished apartments are 3-4 X this size.


More amenities. Our serviced apartments have the amenities of home, from fully equipped kitchens to washer and dryers. ( full apartment inventory)    


Better residential locations our furnished apartments are in residential areas, where families ride bikes, children play, close to parks, restaurants and area attractions.


Corporate locations too. If your company is bringing in interns or a team of specialists for an intense project we understand the need for everyone to be located as close to your plant or office as possible.  we have locations close to all of Cincinnati's business hubs to help you get the job done without your people having to give up any of the quality of living.



Corporate Guest house Suites if you judge by the satisfaction level reported by our guests, our corporate guest houses would be the clear winner hands down. Unfortunately along with the longest average stay we also have the fewest openings. As far as we know we are the only operator of corporate guest house facilities in the greater cincinnati area.

Our guest houses operate much like a bed and breakfast, but you get to make your own food.

We start with a house, a big house so there is plenty of room all around. Each room has its own En-suite bath, queen sized bed, desk, big flat screen TV with expanded cable, internt/wifi, use of a large kitchen with pantry, refridgerator and freezer space, all utilities, dining area, media room, outdoor space (deck or screened porch) laundry facilities and our common areas are professionally cleaned every day including the kitchens, yes we do the dishes.


All this and at a cost about 1/2 of a decent hotel wonder our guest house spaces are the most popular!


We have been preparing for your stay for over 8 years,

we are looking forward to your arrival.


questions, availability reservations

 (513) 706-8127

Margie, Shannon or Hunter is ready answer any questions you have and help you make a reservation

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